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GroupFit Schedule

Substitute Instructors:









 May 22nd 

4:30pm TRX with Nikki

5pm Sh'Bam with Lauren

5:30pm Abs with Nikki


 9:30am Cycle with Tristin

4:30pm BodyPump with Anette

5:30pm Abs with Tristin


7:45am Yoga with Britney

10am TRX with Brandon

11am Aqua with Riley

 11am Aqua with Riley
 May 29th 7:15am TRX with Tristin

4:30pm TRX with Nikki

5:30pm Abs with Nikki


 9:30am Cycle with Tristin

10am Heavy Bag with Riley

5:30pm TRX with Tristin

5:30pm Abs with Riley

 8:15am Yoga with Tricia

5:30pm BodyPump with Derek

9:30am BodyPump with Lauren

10:45am Sprint with TBA

8:30am BodyCombat with Andrea/Lindsey

9:30am Boot Camp with Riley

11am Aqua with Tristin


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