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Reopening FAQ's and Other Updates

Updated November 13, 2020 


Welcome Back Video #1 - How we are preparing for re-opening!

  Welcome Back Video #2 - Club Access and Reservations!

Welcome Back Video #3 - Masks, Pool Access, and Tennis!


A Letter to our Members

April 7, 2021
Dear ClubSport Members,
As we navigate through an unprecedented year we continue to evaluate our reopening guidance, state and county mandates, and the vaccine availability. Our top priority is the health and safety of our members and staff.  
We have been thrilled to hear from members that are on their way to being fully vaccinated and are ready to get back into the Club! We encourage anyone currently eligible to receive the vaccine to request an appointment today to help the community continue on the path to reopening safely.
Contra Costa County has announced movement into the Orange Tier, which allows for 25% indoor capacity for gyms. While this is a needed move forward for our community on a whole, we are still looking to balance this with vaccine availability for both members and staff. The county has now opened vaccine appointments to the general public, which is giving staff the ability to be vaccinated this month. We will continue to phase in aspects of the facility as this happens and send updates accordingly.
Should the state and county continue to progress forward at the current pace we are hopeful to have the majority of the Club open by May 1st. Although reservations may still be required, May will be free for all members to compensate for closing mid-March 2020! We hope to have all services available by mid-May and would look to resume dues and billing on June 1st. This is contingent on continual progress forward and movement into the Yellow Tier of operations, which is 50% indoor capacity.  
This timeline is certainly an estimate and may change based on the tier assignments, but we wanted to let members know of ClubSport’s current path to reopening the club.
Please stay tuned for more updates as they become available.
We look forward to seeing you and your families again soon!
Nick Barker
General Manager

An Update from ClubSport San Ramon
February 12, 2021


Dear ClubSport Member,
As the stay-at-home orders for Contra Costa County were recently lifted, we understand you may have questions on how this change effects ClubSport’s operations. We were happy to be deemed by the State and County as an essential business that can operate outdoors under the more restrictive stay-at-home order. However, as Contra Costa County remains in the purple tier, according to the California Reopening Blueprint, we remain at outdoor operations only. 
We anticipate Contra Costa County moving into the red tier of operations in the coming weeks. According to the California Reopening Blueprint, this allows gyms to be open at 10% indoor capacity, with limited services available. Given these restrictions, we have made the decision to continue with only outdoor operations until the county progresses to tiers with less limitations. These restrictions were in place when we opened this past October indoors. We found that we had little usage as the facility was so limited in what we could offer. 
We are continually assessing regulations and changes to guidance, coupled with the status of the vaccination process. As this process unfolds, we will continue to update members on a timeline to reopen indoors. Our focus continues to be the health and safety of our members and staff.  We are optimistic that as the vaccine becomes more widely available and administered, that members and staff will feel safe to return to indoor operations at ClubSport.
Reminders regarding your membership and dues:
  • We continue to pause all memberships and will not resume billing until further notice
  • All annual membership have been paused and the duration of the annual will not resume until the Club resumes dues.
  • Memberships may be placed on hold at no charge until further notice.
  • As a reminder, our Business Office hours are very limited due limited operations.
We are continuing to utilize our outdoor areas for classes and workout space for the foreseeable future. This includes the lap pool, group classes and personal outdoor workout spaces. These options are by reservation only and can be booked through the member login. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding operations or need assistance logging in. Updated operations can be found at
As the days get longer and warmer, we look to expand our outdoor operations and will continue to send updates as things change. 
Thank you again for your patience and support over the past year. We understand that the ongoing stress, uncertainty, and challenges of COVID-19 effect everyone and we hope to get you back to your ClubSport routine soon!
Nick Barker
Club Manager

November 13, 2020 

Dear ClubSport San Ramon Member, 

We hope this email finds you staying safe and healthy over the past many months. 

We appreciate your support while we navigate the changing County and State guidelines regarding COVID-19, especially now that cases are rising. We understand that this is a difficult time plagued by uncertainty.     As you know, we have been diligently following all mandates, including the most recent County Health Order moving the Club back to the Red Tier of indoor operations at 10% capacity. 

Today, Contra Costa County announced that all indoor operations must be closed by 8:00 am on Tuesday, November 17.  

Due to this County order, effective this coming Monday, November 16, Indoor Fitness Operations will no longer be available. We will be continuing lap swimming, tennis and outdoor classes. 

As a reminder all memberships continue to be paused and no dues have been assessed.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Holly Racklin in Member Services if you have questions regarding your membership at 

We encourage those members that have been using the Club indoors and outdoors to keep up with reservation payments via the member login for online payments, by calling the Club directly to make a payment or by mailing a check directly to the club. 

Effective Saturday, November 14, we will be moving back to credit card payment only when making reservations. As a reminder, business office hours will be limited and your calls may not be answered immediately.  You may leave a message and we will respond back to you as soon as possible. 

Lap Swim hours will continue as currently available, but there will be no locker room access.  The Junior Locker rooms will be made available on an emergency basis only. Outdoor classes will continue as currently scheduled until further notice. Due to the winter weather, there will be limited Fitness Equipment out at the pool. 

While this is a tough move, we hope it allows for a safe holiday season for our members and staff.  Based on directives provided by Contra Costa County, we anticipate that indoor activities will not be allowed until a significant time period after the holiday season. We will assess this after the New Year based on County and State directives. 

Wishing you all the best in health, 

Nick Barker
Club Manager at ClubSport San Ramon

October 30, 2020

Dear Members,
We are excited to announce our new reservation times!
3 Hour and 15 Minute Reservation Windows:
Starting Monday November 2nd, 2020, we will be increasing our reservations to 3 hours and 15 minutes, with a 15-minute cleaning block between each reservation window. You can start signing up for the new reservation times today! With the new reservation windows members can come at any time within the 3 hours and 15 minutes but members need to exit the Club at the end of the reservation window so please plan accordingly. Reservations will have starting times of 5am, 8:30am, 12pm, 3:30pm, and 7pm on weekdays and 7am, 10:30am, 2pm, and 5:30pm on weekends.
For example, if you typically come into the club at 5pm on weekdays look for the reservation window starting at 3:30pm which goes until 6:45pm.
Monday-Friday 5am - 9:00pm
Reservation Windows
5:00 AM……..….8:15 AM
8:30 AM…..…..11:45 AM
12:00 PM……....3:15 PM
3:30 PM………..6:45 PM
7:00 PM…………9:00 PM
Saturday-Sunday 7:00am-8:00pm
Reservation Windows
7:00 AM……….10:15 AM
10:30 AM…..….1:45 PM
2:00 PM……….5:15 PM
5:30 PM……….8:00 PM
Trouble with Reservations?
Feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to reserve a time for you over the phone. We have also allotted a specific number of walk-in slots per time block for members who just want to show up. We will sign you up right then and there. These slots are allotted on a first come-first available basis.
Group Ex
Members who are enrolled in our Group Ex classes are now welcome to come into the club to utilize the fitness floor, locker rooms and showers.
Lap Swim
Although we are increasing our indoor hours we have decided to keep the same reservation times for our swimmers in order to give everyone an equal opportunity to swim. Lap Swimmers, who have made a lap swim reservation, have the opportunity to use the indoor fitness floor before and/or after their swim reservation as long as it is within a 3 hour reservation window.
We are thrilled to provide you more time to enjoy our facility!
Nick Barker
ClubSport San Ramon


September 29, 2020


Per State and Contra Costa County guidelines, we are pleased to announce that we are opening indoor fitness at 10% indoor capacity on
Thursday, October 1st! 
Please find our anticipated operations and guidelines below effective 10/1. 
Please note that these operations are based on current State guidelines and we are
subject to any additional guidelines set forth by the County. 
Every effort will be made to notify members of any changes as quickly as possible.
* WAIVER- All members will need to complete a waiver prior to returning to the Club. This is a one-time waiver, but does need to be completed by each member. 
Please submit the waiver by clicking here.
We will be charging a $10 per reservation fee in lieu of dues.
Reservations are required to use the Club, indoor or outdoor.  
1 hour reservations must be booked online, in advance. How To!
Reservations will open 9/30 at 6:00am going forward as of 10/1 reservations
will open 3 days in advance at 12:00am.
(please excuse the 10/30 typo in the prior email)
Going forward reservations will
open 3 days in advance.
Due to reservations being only 1 hour, please plan your shower and
workouts accordingly.
All members must be out of the club after 1 hour.
We will be offering freezes until 12/31/20 at no charge if you do not
feel comfortable returning to the club but you MUST NOTIFY US
if you would like to freeze your account.
Who can use the Club?          
Only active members, 18 and over, will be able to make reservations in this initial phase 
No guests in this initial phase 
Enhanced protocols are now in place  
Health Checks
All members and staff will proceed through our health check stations prior to entering the Club 
6 Feet of Space
Please be mindful of physical distancing throughout the Club  
Masks & PPE
Masks are REQUIRED INDOORS at all times, including while working out.
Masks are recommended outdoors but not required.  
Locker Rooms
Locker room and showers will be available, however lockers are limited to
help ensure social distancing. Please come ready to workout.
Equipment is spaced out where possible and available on the Fitness 
Floor and in the Gymnasium. A few pieces are also available during 
daylight hours on the pool deck.
Available for lap swimming by reservation in the lap pool and family rec in the Jr Pool. Aquafit classes will continue.
Closed until further notice
Steam, Sauna, Hot tubs
Closed until further notice per state guidelines
Court Sports
Closed until further notice. Squash courts will be open for single player use beginning Monday, October 12th. 
Group Exercise 
Indoor and Outdoor classes per reservation
Kid's Classes 
Not available until further notice 
Not available until further notice
Massage & Spa
Not available until further notice
Nick Barker



September 25, 2020


Dear ClubSport Members,
While we are awaiting confirmation from the state and county regarding advancement, we are working towards opening indoors Thursday, October 1st.
I wanted to take a moment to review reservations with you.
Access to indoor and outdoor activities will require a reservation.
Reservation times will be noted as one-hour blocks for equipment usage, lap swim, and classes.
Reservations can be made by clicking the member login button at the top right of our website Please click here for directions if you have never logged in or booked a reservation before. Please do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions or need assistance logging in.
Fitness Equipment Access:


  • 1-hour reservation block
  • $10 per reservation
  • Opens for reservation 3 days in advance at 7am beginning 10/30
  • Must cancel 2 hours prior to reservation to receive a refund
  • Must be 18 years or older


Fitness Equipment Access reservations allow you to utilize general equipment areas in the club. This includes cardio equipment, free weights, stretch space, weight machines, etc.
Squash and Racquetball


  • 1-hour reservation block
  • $10 per reservation
  • 1 person per court in this initial phase of reopening
  • Opens for reservation 3 days in advance at 7am beginning 10/30
  • Must cancel 2 hours prior to reservation to receive a refund
  • Must be 18 years or older


Lap Lane Access


  • 1-hour reservation block
  • Opens for reservation 3 days in advance at 7am
  • Must cancel 2 hours in advance to receive a refund
  • 18 and over only


Group Classes


  • Will be listed as the specific class i.e. Yoga
  • $10 per class
  • Opens for reservation 24 hours in advance of classes
  • Must cancel 2 hours in advance to receive refund
  • 18 and over only


Outdoor Group Classes


  • Will be listed as the specific class i.e. BodyCombat
  • $10 per class
  • Opens for reservation 24 hours in advance of classes
  • Must cancel 2 hours in advance to receive refund
  • 18 and over only


Due to capacity restrictions indoors, outdoor class participants will not have access to indoor facilities
Outdoor Fitness Center


  • $10 per reservation
  • Will have access to free weights and limited cardio equipment
  • Opens for reservation 3 days in advance
  • Must cancel 2 hours in advance to receive refund
  • 18 and over only




  • Will be 1-hour reservation block
  • $10 per spot with 2 spots available per court, both members must reserve a spot
  • Singles use 1v1
  • Both players must check in at the front desk
  • Opens for reservation 3 days in advance
  • Must cancel 2 hours in advance to receive refund
  • 18 and over only


We understand that reservations are an adjustment for everyone, and we are happy to help, so please do not hesitate to email us with questions.
More information will be coming soon!
Nick Barker
Club Manager                               



September 4, 2020


As we venture into ClubSport San Ramon outdoors for fitness, we are growing what we can offer to help you stay active!
NEW! - Outdoor Fitness Center
Starting Monday, September 7th, members can use a 45 minute workout slot where they can utilize our weights and equipment at assigned workout stations.
We are starting with 5 stations on the pool deck.
Each workout station will have:
10x10 square with a bench available
Access to Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Barbells, Resistance Bands, 
Yoga Balls, and more!
Additional Cardio Equipment (first come, first serve):
2 Rowers
2 Airdyne Bikes
1 Spin Bike
1 Recumbent Bike
1 Elliptical
Reservations will open 3 days in advance.
Club Lap Lanes & Outdoor Fitness Center Hours:
Monday 9/7 (Labor Day) 8am - 5:45pm
Tuesday 9/8 - Friday 9/11 6:00am - 6:45pm (Includes Mondays starting Sept. 14)
Saturday 9/12 6:00am - 3:45pm
The following weeks regular hours will be (starting Sept. 14th):
Monday - Friday 6:00am - 6:45pm
Saturday 6:00am - 3:45pm
$10 per reservation for outdoor fitness workouts, group classes, and lap swim 
for this phase of the outdoor workouts.
This fee will be reviewed for the next phase.
No outside equipment is permitted.
No guests at this time; only members may sign up.
Outdoor workouts are in addition to 
Please remember to sign your waiver prior to your first visit.
Overall Club Update
We are continuing to monitor both state and county guidelines and updates. With the recent change in California's reopening blue print, we are working to understand the new guidelines for how and when we can open the club indoors.
At this time only outdoor activity is permitted.
As a reminder, all dues continue to be paused and we will notify members prior to dues resuming.
Special Labor Day outdoor class schedule!
Join us on this holiday for an exciting outdoor group workout. 
We will offer Zumba, Fitness Fusion, OmCycle, BodyPump, and Aqua Aerobics.
Schedule for Monday, September 7th *Labor Day*
Location: Parking Lot
7:30am BodyPump/Sprint Express Instructor: Ingrid
8:30am OmCycle In, Yoga Out - Instructor: Gloria
9:30am Zumba - Instructor: Martin
Location: Pool Deck
11am Fitness Fusion - Instructor: Carrie
12pm Aqua Aerobics - Instructor: Carrie
For the full week's schedule, click here
All classes will be limited in size and available on a reservation basis. 
For instructions on how to make a reservation for group classes, workouts, and lap swimming, please click here !
What to Expect:


  • We will have a health check station for you to check in as you enter the pool and as you approach Tennis Court 1. You will have your temperature checked and will be asked health symptom questions before entering.
  • We will supply sunscreen should you forget yours, but we ask that you bring your own sweat towel and water. We will supply yoga mats.
  • Our staff will be disinfecting all equipment used, but for safety reasons, we ask that you wipe down the equipment you use as well. Please place equipment in the Drop Zone after workout.
  • Members are required to wear a mask entering and exiting the Pool Deck. We highly encourage members to wear a mask when actively working out but understand that vigorously working out in a mask may not be an option for everyone. Should the County and CDC guidelines become more restrictive, we will let you know
  • Please be dressed to work out as Locker Room facilities are closed. For restroom facilities, the Junior Locker Rooms and Tennis bathrooms will be open.


Thank you and we look forward to seeing more familiar faces soon!
Don't forget to join us live everyday at 10am on facebook and instagram live.
Stay well,
Nick Barker
Club Manager
ClubSport San Ramon



 Welcome To Outdoor Group Exercise!

August 13, 2020

Dear ClubSport San Ramon Members,
From our Group Exercise program we are excited to offer you a variety of outdoor classes outside by the pool and up on the Tennis Courts!
Carrie Spina, our Group Exercise Manager, has put together an outdoor class schedule, Monday thru Saturday that is sure to be fun and challenging! We will offer Aqua Aerobics, Cycle, and Yoga by the pool. We will have Strength Training and Bootcamp on Tennis Court 1 or 2, beginning August 17th 2020.
Monday: Bootcamp 8am
Tuesday: Yoga 9am, Strength 5pm
Wednesday: Bootcamp 8am, Cycle 8am, Aqua 11am, Yoga 5pm
Thursday: Yoga 9am, Strength 5pm
Friday: Bootcamp 8am, Cycle 8am, Aqua 11am
Saturday: Strength 9am, Aqua 11am
Outdoor class schedule will be posted every Friday for the following week.
All classes will be limited in size and available on a reservation basis. Upon making a reservation, the $10 class fee will charged.
For the first Phase of classes, only one class per person will be allotted, per day. This will be re-evaluated. 
We have a convenient way for you to reserve a class on line, three days in advance, beginning Friday August 14th 2020.
  • For instructions on how to reserve a class, please click here
All class participants must have a COVID19 Waiver on file before the start of your first class. Please click here for the waiver.
What to Expect:
  • We will have a health check station for you to check in as you enter the pool and as you approach Tennis Court 1. You will have your temperature checked and will be asked health symptom questions before entering.
  • We will supply sunscreen should you forget yours, but we ask that you bring your own sweat towel and water. We will supply yoga mats.
  • Our staff will be disinfecting all equipment used, but for safety reasons, we ask that you wipe down the equipment you use as well.
  • Members are required to wear a mask entering and exiting the Pool Deck. We highly encourage members to wear a mask when actively working out but understand that vigorously working out in a mask may not be an option for everyone. Should the County and CDC guidelines become more restrictive, we will let you know
  • Please be dressed to work out as Locker Room facilities are closed. For restroom facilities, the Junior Locker Rooms and Tennis bathrooms will be open.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone!
Don't forget to join us live everyday at 10am on facebook and instagram live.
Stay well,
Nick Barker
Club Manager
ClubSport San Ramon



Welcome Back to the Pool!


July 24, 2020
Dear ClubSport San Ramon Members,

We are delighted to welcome you back to the Pool!

We have been given clearance from the County to reopen our Pool Facilities only at this time. In an effort to be able to provide some type of exercise and peace of mind to our members, we will begin making 45 minute lap lane reservations on Saturday, July 25th for the first opening day of our POOL FACILITIES only on Tuesday, July 28th

You must have a COVID-19 Waiver on file or your reservation will not be confirmed. Please see below on how to complete this online form. Click here for the waiver.
Lap Swimming Days and Hours
Tuesday and Thursday                                 8:00am – 6:45pm
Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday              6:00am – 3:45pm

Reservation Guidelines:


  • Reservations must be made online and will be open 3 days in advance, beginning Saturday, July 25th
  • 45 minute reservations will be available, beginning on the hour
  • 1 reservation per day per member
  • Walk-in will not be permitted in the first phase


How to make a reservation


  • Log into the member portal via or directly here
  • Select the ‘classes’ section from your dashboard
  • Select the time you would like to reserve
  • You will receive a confirmation email once booked
  • You may wait list yourself for a time slot that is full
  • Should you wait list yourself, you are agreeing to pay the fee if the space opens up, as you will be automatically enrolled up to 4 hours before the start time if the slot opens and charged accordingly
  • Ensure you have reviewed and signed the COVID-19 waiver before your 1st visit




  • No charge for swimming in July! 
  • $10 per swim reservation beginning August 1st
  • Beginning August 1st swim fees will be assessed when the reservation is booked and will be processed via credit card
  • You will need to have a credit card to book and can enter this through the manage payment methods under account settings or will be prompted to enter payment when booking
  • You must cancel your reservation at least 4 hours prior to your reservation time to be issued a refund
  • No shows or cancellations less than 4 hours from the reservation time will be charged in full




  • You must be Minimum age of 18 years old to participate during this first phase.
  • No guests will be allowed. You must already be on the membership as no membership changes will be made at this time.
  • 1 member per lane for lap swimming or water walking, no household sharing at this time
  • Only the lap pool will be open in this initial phase
  • Bring your own towel and water
  • Kickboards and Pull Buoys will be available and sanitized between use
  • Men’s and Women’s Locker rooms are NOT available for changing or showers.
  • Junior locker room restrooms are available for emergency situations.
  • Please come ready to swim! There will be no area to change into or out of swim attire
  • Water fountain will not be available


PPE and Physical Distancing:


  • Members MUST wear masks at all times outside of the pool. This includes at check-in, walking on the pool deck or in the event you need to use the restroom
  • Members MAY NOT congregate on the pool deck and must be respective of the physical distancing requirements from everyone
  • A staff member will be on the deck to monitor this and remind members of all policies
  • Lifeguards will not be present at all times
  • Members are asked to swim down the middle of the lane, this helps ensure 6 feet of distance from the swimmer next to you.
  • If you are sick, experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please do not come to the club pool facility
  • Please self-check before you come to the Club and do not come if you have a temperature of 100.4 or higher, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing or a cough


Checking In:


  • Members will check in at the Health Check station right outside the pool gate to the left of the entry to the club. Members will be required to have their temperature checked and answer symptom related questions
  • Members will exit through the same way
  • As your check-in time approaches, line up on the marked lines on the sidewalk adjacent to the Health Check Station/pool entry
  • Wait to be called to the entrance by staff. You will be called one by one
  • Staff will confirm your reservation and waiver on file
  • Members will be able to select their lane on a first some first serve basis


When your reservation time is complete


  • Staff will do their best to alert members 5 minutes before the end of their time, without disrupting your swim.
  • When staff alerts you to the end of your time, please exit the pool and replace your mask
  • Members are asked to dry off and exit through the exit doors.
  • Staff will disinfect and clean any areas needed.


We will assess how this is working and make adjustments as needed.

We look forward to seeing you at the pool!

Don't forget to join us live everyday at 10am on facebook and instagram live.

Stay well,

Nick Barker
Club Manager
ClubSport San Ramon


ClubSport San Ramon
Reopening News
July 17, 2020


Dear ClubSport San Ramon Members,
With the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, Contra Costa County, along with much of California, has taken a step back in its reopening plans.
We wish we had better news -- but please know that we remain ready to open as soon as we get the go-ahead from the County. We wanted to assure you that until we have a more concrete timeframe we will not be charging dues. Once we have a new timeline for reopening we will update members as to how we will move forward. 
We are closely monitoring all State and County announcements, as well as any changes to our industry guidelines. While we are continuing to anticipate how we will reopen, such guidelines are subject to change, and we will communicate any changes to our anticipated operations as quickly as possible. 
In the meantime, we hope you have been enjoying the live workouts that Carrie, Denise and Gloria have been leading online, via our ClubSport San Ramon Facebook Page and @clubsportsanramon Instagram account.
 ClubSport San Ramon Online Workouts Schedule
Below is the current online workout schedule. If you miss a live class you can access it later on either Facebook or Instagram.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 10:00am
Summer Ready Workout
Teacher: Carrie or Denise 
Alternates Core and Total Body
Tuesday and Thursday, 10:00am
Yoga with Gloria 
If you have any questions, please let me know!
Nick Barker
General Manager
P.S. If you know someone who is not getting our reopening update emails directly and wants to, please let me know!
County Delays
ClubSport San Ramon
June 29, 2020 

Dear ClubSport San Ramon Members,
I am sad to report that our planned re-opening on July 1st has now been delayed by Contra Costa County. 
We were really excited to welcome you back this week but your health and safety remain our top priority so we understand that the County is cautious. Just know that we are ready to reopen as soon as we get the go ahead from the County -- and will keep you updated as we learn more. 
In the meantime, we hope that the emails and three Welcome Back Videos we shared last week helped answer initial questions you have about what the Club will be like in its first re-opening phase. We know we covered a lot of topics, from safety measures and access to Club services, to billing and signing the updated waiver. 
Our goal is always to tell you everything we can, knowing that County and CDC guidelines are always subject to change. 
Click here to access all Welcome Back Videos and FAQ's
Today I am writing to highlight five important reminders as you plan your return to the Club for the first time -- hopefully soon!
To accommodate County guidelines that limit the number of people in the Club at any one time, we are deploying a reservation system for booking 90-minute time slots. 
With the exception of the first few days as we launch the reservation system, you'll be able to reserve times up to 3 days in advance. We will alert you when the reservation portal opens.
Access the registration system through the member portal on the Club's website, the "Reserve My Time" tile on the homepage of the CSSR Mobile App, or by going directly to
Please review Welcome Back Video #2 for step-by-step guides (desktop and mobile) for making your reservations.
Note: In this initial phase we will not be allowing guests into the club. If you have family at home that you would like to add to the membership, please contact our membership representatives to discuss these options. 
Our number one priority remains the safety of our members and staff. That starts with new screening, cleaning and social distancing protocols we reviewed in detail in the Welcome Back Video #1.
Please remember that anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher cannot access the Club. In addition, please refrain from coming to Club if you are not feeling well or have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19 or suspects they have been exposed to COVID-19.
Members will be asked to remove any gloves worn from home before they enter the club. We will provide a fresh pair of disposable gloves for members upon request.
If you haven't already signed the updated Club waiver, please do so now. It needs to be on file before checking into the Club. 
Anyone under 18 must have the waiver signed by a legal guardian.
County guidelines for social distancing are limiting locker availability. Please plan as if you may not have access to a locker – and remember that it is not safe to leave valuables in your car.
Thank you again for your patience as we work through all these changes! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. 
Nick Barker
Club Manager
ClubSport San Ramon



Reopening FAQ's

Waiver and Release Form Link:

We’re working hard to be ready to welcome you back to the Club as soon as we receive clearance.

Below are answers to frequently asked member questions about our reopening plans. All the answers are subject to change based on any reopening guidelines the County provides. Once we have confirmed Contra Costa County reopening guidelines, we will share many more details!

Where do I make reservations?

We will be requiring advanced reservations in order to use the club. 

In this initial phase this includes booking a specific time for:
Equipment access - cardio and strength equipment, weights and functional training space
Lap Lane access - 1 person/household per lane. 
Group classes, including Aquafit  - each class will be listed separately for booking a reservation 

Reservation dates TBD. 

Once open, reservations can be made up to 3 days in advance for equipment and pool. 
Group classes will be available 24 hours in advance

You may have one reservation per day, per member

To make a reservation click 'member login' on the ClubSport San Ramon website or App. 
If you are logging in for the first time your login and password will be your ClubSport San Ramon barcode
Select 'class schedule' and signup for your desired time and activity
Each member on the account will need a reservation

In our initial reopening phase, reservations are for a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes ~ we are looking to modify this quickly once we have an idea of peak usage time.
A 30 minute intermission will take place between each booking time to ensure we have the Club cleaned and ready for your welcome time.

Will I have to reserve a pool lane?

The pool will reopen with lane reservations.

1 lane per person/household.
Reservations are available in 45 minute blocks within our 90 minute reservation window.
You do not need an 'equipment reservation' to access the Club if you are just reserving the pool.
If you are swimming with your household we would ask that only one member of your household reserve a lane. However, please check-in at the front desk together to be granted access to the pool.

Showers and locker rooms are dependent on county guidelines that we are awaiting.

AquaFit classes will resume pending any changes in group class guidelines via the county. 
Classes will be 45 minutes in length and will need to be booked, as space will be limited.

In this initial reopening phase we will not be hosting:
Swim lessons
Master's Swim
Swim Clinics
Swim Team
Family Rec and Jr pool access


Will Childcare be open?

Childcare will not be available during this initial reopening phase.

We are awaiting further clarification from the county on options to safely open Childcare outside of the current 12 child cohort that is approved for running camps.

We are hoping that further guidance from the county will allow us to safely open childcare in July.

Kid's Classes will be assessed as we approach the Fall session


When should I expect my first monthly bill?

We appreciate your patience during these uncertain times. Upon the exciting news of a potential July opening, per Contra Costa County, we want to let you know that we will NOT be billing for the month of July, regardless of opening the Club.

Since the Club closed in mid-March, we have continually assessed the best way to support our membership given the closure has been significantly longer than anticipated. In lieu of crediting partial month dues for March and then charging dues for July, we are giving everyone the month of July FREE. We understand that many of you may not be ready to come back and we want to give you the month to further evaluate your membership needs. Come back and enjoy the Club and see what we have implemented to keep our staff and members safe.

Per state and county guidelines, the Club’s programming and services will be limited. We are working to ensure we can meet these guidelines and will have more information out soon. We sincerely appreciate your patience and support as we re-open the Club.

• No dues will be assessed for the month of July
• Annual Memberships will be extended 4 months from your current expiration date
• Memberships may be put on Inactive at no charge until October 31st. The $25 fee will resume November 1st
• Dues will resume billing per usual on August 1st

Changes to memberships will be accepted when we re-open, date TBD. You are welcome to call or email with questions at any time. Membership Representatives will be available when we re-open to speak in person at the Club.


Is the fitness equipment cleaned after every use?

We are committed to providing a safe environment for our members and staff.

Cleaning Protocol
We have ensured an enhanced training for all staff that includes cleaning protocols.  In addition to our nightly deep cleaning, our staff will clean and disinfect the general areas on the club at least once every 2 hours.  High frequency touch points, such as equipment, will be cleaned and disinfected by staff between each use.

Products that are effective against COVID-19 are available to staff and members.  Staff have been trained on the contact time needed for our disinfecting products to ensure that they are effective against COVID-19.

Members are asked to wipe all equipment before and after use.  Staff will perform an additional cleaning prior to the next use. 

Group Classes
Classes will have at least a 15 minute break in between each class to ensure proper contact time for disinfecting used equipment prior to putting it away.  We ask that members not bring in their own equipment, including yoga mats at this time.

Locker Room
We will be disinfecting key pads after each use and encourage members to use disinfecting wipe as well. We recommend washing your hands with soap and water prior to leaving the locker room


Will my temperature be taken before entering the club?

Your Health and Ours

Before you arrive to CSSR please ensure you have performed a self-check for symptoms of COVID-19.  Please do not come to the Club if you are experiencing:
 - A temperature of 100.4 or higher
 - Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
 - Cough
 - Have been in contact with someone that currently has COVID-19

Members and staff will have their temperatures taken prior to entering the Club with a touchless thermometer.  If you have a temperature of 100.4 or higher, you will not be permitted into the Club regardless of a reservation.  Please find a copy of the California Consumer Privacy Act regarding health check and your personal information here.

During your time at ClubSport, if you are not feeling well, or begin experiencing any of the symptoms listed, we ask that you please head home immediately and speak with your health care provider.

Will there be enough spacing for members?

The CDCs recommends physical distancing is 6ft.

As you walk throughout the club please be mindful of your spacing in relation to your fellow members. Please adhere to any floor markings during check-in or in the locker rooms to help maintain this distance.

Please follow all floor markings should there be a line outside the Club prior to entering the Club.

When queuing for Group Exercise classes, please stand on the floor markings prior to entering classes.

Will the Locker Rooms be open?

Locker Rooms

State Guidelines discourage the use of locker rooms, outside of restrooms and sink availability.  

To ensure 6 feet of physical distance between members we have taken the majority of lockers our of service.  Please note that lockers are extremely limited and once the available lockers are taken, no other lockers are available for use.

We recommend bringing only what you need to the Club at this time, but please remember not to leave valuables in your car.  

Hot Tubs, Steam and Saunas will be closed during this initial reopening phase.

What should we expect in the Fitness Department?

Your workout in Fitness

We have spaced out equipment where we can to provide 8 to 10 feet of distance. In situations where this is not possible you’ll notice that we have marked every other piece with a ‘skip me’ sign to ensure there is an empty piece of equipment between you and someone else. We have also moved several pieces of cardio to the gymnasium and a few pieces out to the pool deck.

This has allowed us to better space some of the weight machines on the fitness floor in order to keep most in operation and still promote physical distancing.

We have created stretch and functional training space in the gymnasium in marked 10 x 10 spaces.Each piece of equipment will be marked as recently used or ready for use.

Cardio and Strength Equipment & Cleaning

When you approach each piece of equipment you will see a green or red sign
 - Green indicates the piece is ready for use
 - Red indicates the piece has been used by a member and not disinfected by staff
We ask that you still wipe down the equipment prior to use.
Once on, please flip the sign to the red side to indicate it has been used.
Once you are done, please again wipe down the piece with wipes and dispose of the wipes.
Staff will follow this up with a second cleaning and flip the sign to green once it is ready for use.

Drop Zone
For accessories and small equipment, such as dumbbells, kettlebells, stability balls, etc, please return this equipment to the drop zone on the fitness floor or in the gymnasium.
Staff will disinfect this equipment and return it to the floor for use.
For heavier weighted dumbbells and plates, please let a staff member know when you are done at your station and we will help with disinfecting and reracking. 

 Will there be Group Classes?

State guidelines allow for Group Exercise classes in a limited capacity.  Unless Contra Costa County changes such we are planning to offer group classes.  This does include AquaFit classes.

- We are marked 10 x 10 spaces for group exercise classes in each space
- This includes both studios, the gymnasium and the pool deck
- Instructors will be using minimal equipment during class. 
- Classes with have staggered start times to ensure safe traffic patterns and lower congestion in front of the studios
- Members are asked to clean equipment before and after use
- Members will be instructed to leave all equipment in their space and staff with follow with a 2nd cleaning

Last update May 24th, 2020

When will Club Sport San Ramon reopen?

Per Contra Costa County, we will remain closed until further notice. 

We are following State and County announcements closely. Gyms are part of Phase 3 in California’s reopening plan. As of now, California is in full Phase 2 and Contra Costa County is in the early stages of Phase 2. We are hopeful of a July reopening and will keep all members apprised as we learn more about the County’s Phase 2 stages and advancement into Phase 3. The best thing all of us can do to help speed up the process is to follow recommended CDC and County health guidelines to minimize new Bay Area COVID cases!

What will checking into the Club look like?

We anticipate a streamlined, touchless check-in process. Front Desk staff will welcome you from behind a clear divider as you scan your own Membership barcode, using either your Membership Card or the CSSR Mobile App.

We have placed markers on the floor to ensure members are appropriately spaced when waiting to check in, both inside and outside the Club. Members who are sick already know they should stay home. You can expect the rest of us to initially proceed through a health check-in station prior to entering the Club.  Anyone exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 and/or a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be asked to return home.

We anticipate the County will place limits on the number of people in the Club at any one time. To meet this requirement, we may need to ask members reserve a time for working out. We are pursuing easy options for simplifying this reservation process – and are feeling lucky that our facility is so large and accommodating!  Expect more details on all of this as we have a better understanding of any County guidelines.

What will be available within the Club when we initially reopen?

Neither the State nor the County have released guidelines for gyms yet. However, based on guidelines announced in other states, we anticipate at least some of the following:

Fitness Equipment: To ensure physical distancing, some cardio and strength equipment will be in a daily usage rotation. This means that some equipment will be placed “out of service” each day. We are relocating equipment to other areas of the facility to increase distancing as well. Workout spaces for weights, functional training, and stretching will be marked.

Pool: We are hopeful for the pool being open for lap swimming. Lane reservations may be required. The Junior Pool will not reopen in this initial phase.

Group Classes: If we are cleared to hold group classes, we will start with a modified schedule and limited number of participants per class. Classes will require reservations to ensure ample spacing. We are pursuing easy options for streamlining this reservation process.

Outside Classes: We are looking into offering some classes outside.

Hot tubs, Steam Room and Saunas: The indoor and outdoor hot tubs, steam rooms and dry saunas will not reopen in this initial phase as members cannot effectively social distance in these spaces.

Locker Rooms and Related Amenities: During this initial reopening phase, ensuring proper distancing among the lockers means a majority of lockers will not be available. We ask that members use showers and available lockers only if absolutely necessary. In addition, lounges and communal amenities will be not accessible. Amenities such as razors and q-tips will be provided upon request.

Will I be required to wear a mask when in the Club?

We will keep you apprised of County guidelines regarding members wearing masks at the Club. At a minimum, members will likely be required to wear a mask as they proceed through the check-in screening until they are cleared to enter the Club. All staff will be required to wear masks in the Club. (UPDATE: Masks are required at all times indoors. For outdoor workouts, masks must be worn to and from the workout zone. They may be taken off during the workout only.)

How will the Club keep equipment and spaces disinfected?

We have enhanced our cleaning protocols above and beyond the protocols added earlier this year when COVID-19 concerns first surfaced. In addition, we have devised systems to ensure staff are cleaning equipment throughout the day. We will also be asking members to use provided sanitizing supplies to refresh equipment before and after use. As a further caution, we have reduced non-essential touch points throughout the Club. More specifics about all of this will be provided prior to the Club’s reopening.

Will members be expected to adhere to physical distancing guidelines in the Club?

Yes. Members will be asked to adhere to all guidelines set forth, including social distancing. We understand there will be strong desire to socialize with Club friends – and we encourage that. Please just maintain at least 6 feet between those not in your household. We recognize that different members will have a different comfort levels with this, but we ask that all members adhere to distancing while at the Club and be respectful to staff if reminded to space appropriately.

More Questions?
Please know that we will continue to add more FAQ’s to this list as well as update prior answers as things change.

If you have a question, please send it to Nick Barker, Club Manager, at



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