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Pilates at ClubSport San Ramon

Pilates at ClubSport San Ramon

Pilates With Personal Trainer, Melanie Holloway

Many of us complain of lower back pain, stiffness, inflexibility and a middle-age tummy that doesn't seem to flatten no matter how many abdominal crunches we do. We sit too much of the day - at work, in our cars or when we are home. Though Pilates is not a cure for all that ails us, a good pilates practice provides individuals with improved core strength and allows participants to explore mind- body control and power.

At ClubSport San Ramon, we offer a variety of mat classes as well as personal training on the reformer, tower, and spine corrector. Pilates training requires discipline, strength, coordination, balance, precision, and stamina. When performed properly, a full body workout (including sweat) is the desired goal.

Mat pilates is the essence of the pilates work. It is where I began my practice and it is the foundation of the pilates repertoire. There is a misconception that working on the pilates equipment (reformer, chair, tower, etc) is more challenging or better than mat work. The pilates equipment adds an additional component to the work but often that component allows the body to do a movement sequence that cannot be done on the mat alone. The mat work teaches the importance of breathing, control, timing, postural alignment, concentration, and relaxation.

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