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Basketball: Adult Leagues and Pick-Up Games

General Information 
The ClubSport gym is fully equipped for all levels and ages of basketball players. Two full size basketball courts, six regulation size nets, glass backboard and a premium gym floor are all features that make our 10,000 foot gymnasium optimum for playing basketball. 

Pickup Games
Basketball pickup games are played Monday, Wednesday & Friday during lunchtime, weekdays after work, and weekend afternoons. Games may also take place whenever the gym is available and no classes or leagues are in progress. Pickup games are a great way to meet new players and get in a great workout.

Adult Basketball Leagues 
We offer three basketball leagues per year for adults ages 18 & over. Within these leagues are two levels of play, competitive and recreational. All of our leagues designate a tryout night which allows the different talent levels to be placed in the appropriate league. Games are officiated by skilled referees and scorekeepers to ensure an accurate and fair game displayed on the electronic score board. Come on out and join the next league! 

 Current League Information:

Wednesday League:

Teams created: 4/13

Regular season: 4/20-6/15

Playoffs: 6/22 & 6/29

Sunday League:

Teams created: 4/3

Regular season: 4/10-6/12 (OFF 5/29)

Playoffs: 6/19 & 6/26* (Depending on teams preference on playoff format)


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