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CSSR Squash Academy



We encourage everyone and anyone to step in and enjoy the game of squash. Whether you play squash at competitive level or just for a great workout at CSSR we are open to play with anyone.


Our Squash Vision and Mission statement:

Vision: Evolving and sustaining squash as a sport for life with equal emphasis given to competitive, junior and social players.


Mission: To promote and facilitate high quality squash as a sport in San Ramon and bay area. To maintain a friendly, social and competitive club environment that promotes squash to juniors and adults customized to their goals.


CSSR Squash Program:

Our squash program is focused on serving your needs for squash. Whether you are new squash player trying to learn about the sport or a regular squash player desiring to take you game to the next level we are here to work with you. At CSSR Squash Academy we train students at all levels. We work with you in understanding your goals for squash and design a program around it. All members are welcome and encouraged to participate in club activities.


Our Program for competitive players:

At CSSR we have players at all level starting from Division 1 to Division 4.  Special programs are available for students who are interested in competing at any level. We have students who started as early as at the age of 5 years. The program is designed to take students through different phases of learning as they progress. Our approach is as follows:


1. At the beginner level the fist step is to introduce the student to the basics of the sport. Focused one on one lessons are highly recommended at this stage so that the student learns the sport to a level that he or she is able to play with other players. It is extremely important that new students get past the basics of squash and are able to play with other players. That is where the fun starts.


2. At the next level the students are introduced to a combination of individual and group sessions where they get a chance to apply the skills they learn in individual sessions against other players in a group. The group sessions include games, solo practice, two player drills and more. We have special emphasis on training together to improve their skills and fitness.


We have a special focus on teaching the students how to do self-practice as well as partner practice as that is essential for improving squash skills. Independent thinking and decision making is an important part of a squash player’s development. As the students move to the next level more opportunities open up to the players. They can participate in Bay Area Skill Level league and local weekend tournaments to test, apply and enhance their skills.

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