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7:30am BodyPump [Will] Parking Lot
8am BootCamp [Carrie] Tennis Court
9:30am Cycle [Melanie]  Pool Deck

9:30am Zumba [Cathryn] Tennis Court
11am Aqua [Carrie] Pool
5pm Aqua [Carrie] Pool
6:30pm Fitness Fusion [Carrie] Pool Deck


7:30am BodyCombat [Will] Tennis Court
8am Pilates [Melanie] Pool Deck
9:30am OmCycle In, Yoga Out [Gloria] Pool Deck
11am Aqua [Carrie] Pool
5:30pm Strength [Denise] Tennis Court


7:30am BodyPump [Ingrid] Parking Lot
8am Bootcamp [Carrie] Tennis Court
8am Cycle [Denise] Pool Deck
9:30am Yoga [Gloria] Pool Deck

9:30am Zumba [Cathryn] Tennis Court
11am Aqua [Carrie] Pool
*New Class* 6:30pm Fitness Fusion [Carrie] Pool/Pool Deck


7:30am BodyCombat [Ingrid] Parking Lot
8am Pilates [Melanie] Pool Deck
9:30am OmCycle In, Yoga Out [Gloria] Pool Deck
11am Aqua [Carrie] Pool
5:30pm Strength [Denise] Tennis Court


8am Bootcamp [Carrie] Tennis Court
8am Cycle [Denise] Pool Deck
11am Aqua [Carrie] Pool


9:30am BodyPump [Jon] Parking Lot
11:30am Aqua [Carrie] Pool


8am BodyCombat [Ingrid] Tennis Court

Class schedule will be posted every Friday for the following week.
All classes will be limited in size and available on a reservation basis. Upon making a reservation, the $10 class fee will charged. Members only at this time. Must be 18 and older.

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Current LIVE Workouts Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 10:30am

Total Body Workout

Instructor: Carrie


Tuesday, Thursday, 10:30am


Instructor: Gloria

If you miss a live class you can access it later on either Facebook or Instagram.

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ClubSport San Ramon offers a variety of Group Classes every week, all included as part of your membership (once monthly membership dues resume, date TBD).

This includes various kinds of HIIT cardio, strength and core, as well as TRX, Dance, Cycle, Yoga and Aqua Aerobics. Truly, we offer something for everyone and enough options so you'll never run out of choices to keep your workouts on target and interesting.

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