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3 Musts for Maximum Results Live Stream

Event Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Event Time: 7:00 pm
Event End Time: 8:00 pm

Commit to Get Fit Health and Wellness Lecture Series:
3 Musts for Maximum Results Live Stream - Wednesday, May 15th - 7-8pm - Cycle Center

Are you committed to your workouts, but frustrated by your current progress? What you're eating could be the missing link. Unfortunately, you can't exercise your way out of a bad diet!

Madeleine Holloway, Registered Dietitian at RESULTS Professional Food Coaching, provides customized nutrition coaching for active people who are frustrated by their current progress. Holloway is passionate about practical, long-term food solutions and believes strategies that are too rigid, extreme or demanding are short-lived and ultimately ineffective because they are not sustainable. Madeleine looks for small and easy changes you can make that will have the biggest impact on improving your health. At a time where nutrition information is contradictory, confusing and overwhelming, RESULTS is your expert nutrition resource.

Madeleine is the daughter of long time ClubSport San Ramon Instructor and Trainer, Melanie Holloway. Since the time she can remember, Madeleine grew up at ClubSport. Madeleine is so excited to offer professional nutrition services to ClubSport friends and family. Join Madeleine on ClubSport San Ramon's Facebook page for Facebook Live to learn 3 "Must Do's" to maximize your efforts and start seeing RESULTS. Get your nutrition questions answered!

Please note: this lecture will be offered as a Facebook Live Stream, so feel free to login from anywhere! Comment on the presentation or ask Madeleine a question during her talk in order to earn your CTGF points.

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