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Rope Challenge Final Day

Event Date: Thursday, February 28, 2019
Event Category: Group Exercise

Participate in our Rope Pull Fitness Challenge during the month of February!

How it will work: you will have 60 seconds to pull the rope, and three chances to compete throughout the month. The amount of rope pulled during that time frame will be recorded.

Choose your resistance level:

Level 1 = Machine will be set to level 3 resistance

First Place at Level 1= 100 Member Reward Points

Level 2 = Machine will be set to level 5 resistance

First Place at Level 2 = 300 Member Reward Points

Level 3 = Machine will be set to level 7 resistance

First Place at Level 3 = 500 Member Reward Points

Everyone will earn 25 Member Reward Points for participating!

Contact the Fitness Department for more details.

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