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GroupFit Schedule

Outdoor Group Exercise Classes

Members can make a reservation up to 3 days in advance- click here

Covid-19 Update 2/6/21: Members are not required to wear a mask while participating in outdoor fitness & outdoor group classes, as long as they remain 6+ feet apart. Masks are required at all other times when walking to and from designated workout area.


7:30am BodyPump [Will] Front Lot
8am BootCamp [Carrie] Tennis Court
9:30am Cycle [Gloria] Pool Deck

*NEW* 10:30am Yoga (30 min.) [Gloria] Pool Deck
11am Aqua [Carrie] Pool

5pm Aqua [Carrie] Pool
6pm Fitness Fusion [Carrie] Pool Deck


7:30am BodyCombat [Will] Tennis Court
9:30am OmCycle In, Yoga Out [Gloria] Pool Deck
11am Aqua [Carrie] Pool
12:30pm BodyPump [Carrie] 

5pm Strength [Riley] Pool Deck


7:30am BodyPump [Ingrid] Parking Lot
8am Bootcamp [Carrie] Tennis Court
*NEW* 9:30am Yoga Flow [Gloria] Pool Deck

11am Aqua [Carrie] Pool
5pm Fitness Fusion [Carrie] Pool/Pool Deck


7:30am BodyCombat [Ingrid]
9:30am OmCycle In, Yoga Out [Gloria] Pool Deck
11am Aqua [Carrie] Pool

12:30pm BodyPump [Carrie] 
5pm Strength [Riley] Pool Deck


8am BootCamp [ ] Pool Deck
11am Aqua [Carrie] Pool


11:30am Aqua [Carrie] Pool


8:30am BodyCombat [Ingrid] Tennis Court

All classes will be limited in size and available on a reservation basis. Upon making a reservation, the $10 class fee will charged. Members only at this time. Must be 18 and older.


Join us for a live workout class on Instagram and Facebook every weekday!  



Current LIVE Workouts Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 10:30am

Total Body Workout

Instructor: Carrie


Tuesday, Thursday, 10:45am (March)


Instructor: Gloria


If you miss a live class you can access it later on either Facebook or Instagram.








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