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Member Testimonials

 "ClubSport is the place to be for wellness, health, fitness and friends. The programs offered are varied, updated frequently, and meet the needs of all, from those disabled to professional athletes; the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities are very well maintained and updated frequently to insure the needs of a very demanding audience are met; the staff is special - ALWAYS pleasant and ready to serve; and for those who are regular attendees, one can make friendships that will extend well beyond the footprint of ClubSport."

 ~ Tom Loari & Patti Smith 


“ClubSport is truly a club that accommodates the wellness needs of all ages. It’s a health club, not just a gym! There are plenty of classes for the kids as well as adult classes. Not to mention the wonderful spa treatments offered. The facility is always well maintained and very clean. It’s a place the whole family can enjoy!” 

~ Susan Jarvis


 “I’ve had the privilege of working out at ClubSport since 1990. I view the club as an indispensable part of my life. The club provides on-going activities, state-of-the-art equipment, and excellent service. Moreover, I view the club’s connection to the community a very key component to its success. These features have helped me keep healthy and form numerous friendships!” 

~ Rick Rodriguez 


“From the moment one walks through the doors, your experience is warm, first class, and extremely friendly. You are always greeted at the counter with a smile by a professionally tailored and courteous representative that tells you to enjoy your workout. The staff in the various workout rooms are highly-knowledgeable, and more than willing to offer training tips when asked.” 

~Noel Sheppard 


“ClubSport has truly been the most fabulous fitness center for the entire family. My daughter loves the ballet class & my 1yr old enjoys "Mommy & Me." They both have such a great time in the childcare that they ask to go there. I love my fitness classes; they have fantastic instructors and a variety for every fitness level. The Kids Night Out provide my husband & I with great date nights. I can even treat myself to a pedicure or hair cut and have free childcare. This is the BEST one-stop fitness place because it meets so many different needs. I would highly recommend it to any family.”

 ~Lydia Carlino

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