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Swim Lessons at ClubSport San Ramon

 Pool Closure

September 10th-December 31st

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The ClubSport San Ramon Aquatics Department provides instructional swimming programs for members of all abilities - ages 3 years old and up. Our programs lay a foundation and instill guidelines for a lifetime of safe, healthy participation in any aquatic environment. All ClubSport instructional swim programs follow American Red Cross Guidelines and are led by trained and certified swim instructors. Our swim lessons run Monday through Sunday and are 30 minutes in length. Instruction may be either private or semi-private (both swimmers must be water safe for semi-private) and will be held in either the Adult or Junior Pool. Please refer to the cancellation policy. 

ClubSport offers package options for lessons:

  • Individual Package
  • Package of 5
  • Package of 10


Private Lessons provide one-on-one individualized instruction.
Individual Lesson
Group of 5 Lessons
Group of 10 Lessons


Semi-Private Lessons are designed for 2 children of equal ability and age and you must provide a partner. If you choose semi-private lessons, we request that both children be water-safe. Adults should be of the same ability.
Individual Lesson
Group of 5 Lessons
Group of 10 Lessons


Adult Swim Lessons -  for ages 18 and up. There are two different levels, Beginner and Intermediate. 






Beginners: This level is for those who are working on getting comfortable putting their face in the water, holding their breath, floating and gliding alone. 

Intermediate: This level is for those who are horizontally mobile, familiar with freestyle/crawl stroke but are working on side breathing and backstroke




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