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ClubFit: Your Personalized Fitness Program

Shape Your Lifestyle.  Let ClubFit show you how. 

Building a healthy lifestyle starts with ClubFit, ClubSport San Ramon's personalized fitness program designed to help you take the first steps toward reaching your health and fitness goals. 

Whether you are a triathlete or haven't exercised in years, a ClubSport San Ramon certified Fitness Instructor will determine your level of fitness; plan a personalized exercise program; check your progress; and help you stay on track. 

ClubFit is complimentary for all new members within the first 45 days of joining. 

ClubFit will help you:

  • Set Your Fitness Goals and Get Moving
  • Discover Your Fitness Formula
  • Integrate new challenges into your routine
  • Make Fitness a Lifestyle
  • Go For Your Goals
  • Analyze your body composition using the In Body technology

Ongoing Assistance 

After completing the ClubFit Program, members may schedule additional personal training sessions through the ClubSport San Ramon Fitness Department. Also, the fitness staff is available at any time to answer questions and assist you. We are here to help you!



New to ClubSport San Ramon?

Learn why we're San Ramon's Favorite Fitness Community! 



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