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Reward Yourself with Massage
Massage is a necessary ingredient to your healthy lifestyle. Massage provides a sense of well being, relief from muscle stiffness, increased blood circulation and a state of deep relaxation. In this hectic world, a massage appointment is your oasis. Our licensed therapists offer a wide combination of techniques to individually tailoryour massage experience to your specific needs. More than a luxury, include massage as a necessary component to your healthy life: relax, rejuvenate, re-energize...enjoy!

Signature ClubSport Massage
A combination of massage techniques with medium pressure designed to melt away muscular tension and stress,while improving circulation and providing a state of deep relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage
A firm, deep pressure therapeutic massage for clients needing especially deep work to relieve muscular tension.Available as a 50 or 80 minute full body massage, or as a 20 or 50 minute specific area treatment.

Sports Massage
A special massage designed for use before or after athletic events to prepare and repair for peak performance.Tailored to your specific needs and target zones; it enhances circulation, increases flexibility, relieves lactic acid build up and muscle soreness and can help with old injuries and general injury prevention. Available as a 20 or 50 minute target specific or 80 minute full body treatment.

Swedish Massage
Light soothing strokes combine to release stress and induce a state of relaxation, the Swedish Massage works specifically on the central nervous system and improves circulation. Excellent for fibromyalgia where a lighter touch proves most beneficial.

Prenatal Massage
Perfect for the expectant mother, this massage focuses on a soothing support massage with either our special massage table for the luxury of a prone position during pregnancy or side-lying bolstering with pillows. Relieves general fatigue and discomfort during pregnancy.

Hot Stone Massage
Experience a new level of muscle and mind relaxation as smooth, hot basalt stones penetrate and soothe muscle tissue aiding in relief of chronic muscular tension and tissue repair in combination with our classic Signature Massage techniques. Deeply relaxing and extremely therapeutic. Available as a 50 minute intro or as a full 75 minute treatment.

Signature ClubSport Massage
20  minute massage  $40
50  minute massage  $70
80  minute massage  $100

Deep Tissue Massage
20  minute massage  $45
50  minute massage  $75
80  minute massage  $110

Hot Stone Therapy
50  minute massage  $95
75  minute massage  $125

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment.
  • Upon Check In at the Front Desk for your Massage Appointment, you will receive our luxurious ClubSport Terry Robe for your use.
  • Please inform your Massage Therapist of any special needs and/or specific health conditions.
  • Massage services also available to Non-Members for an additional $15 Guest Fee.

For Reservations

Appointments can be made by phone or in person at the Front Desk. All appointments begin promptly at their scheduled time. Please specify the type of massage you prefer and the duration of time.

Reservations Line: 925-735-8500

Cancellation Policy
To ensure the highest level of service, all cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance or your account will be charged for the full price of the massage.



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