Yoga Classes at ClubSport San Ramon

Yoga helps create a strong, flexible body and a calm, relaxed mind. Rejuvenate and refresh yourself as you let tension go. ClubSport San Ramon offers many different Yoga styles. We encourage you to try out multiple instructors to find the best match for you. If you are new to Yoga, consider taking Yoga Foundation to learn the foundations of Yoga practice before joining a faster-paced class.

In addition to regular Yoga classes, ClubSport San Ramon also offers many specialized Yoga classes, including the following:

  • Happy Hour Yoga: Flow-style yoga to wind down at the end of your busy week. This is a heated, upbeat class set to a fusion of pop, hip hop and world beat music.

  • Power Yoga: A progression beyond the basic postures of yoga incorporating strength focus poses.

  • Salute the Sun Yoga: A shortened version of the primary series which includes standing poses, forward folds and backbends. Many variations are given to accommodate different levels.

  • Yoga Strength Fusion: 20 minutes core, 20 minutes strength and 20 minutes of flow yoga in this challenging exploration of you mind-body connection.

  • Yoga Therapy: Ease the pain of shoulder, neck, hip and knee injuries with postures adapted to strengthen muscles and reduce symptoms. 

  • Yoga Foundation: Learn the foundations of yoga practice before joining a faster-paced class.

  • Yin Yoga: A yin yoga practice is a slower, deeper practice affecting the connective tissues of the body. A Yin Practice benefits the physical body by freeing up the tight connective tissue capsules that form around the muscles and joints.

We also offer a unique class that combines Cycle with Yoga:

  • OMCycle In, Yoga Out: OMCycle is an intense cardio respiratory workout infused with inspirational coaching. The Yoga portion of the class focuses on deep hip openings and spinal twists to further enhance this mind body experience.


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