ChildCare Activities


The Main Floor in Childcare is for children who are walking and up to age 5. Organized activities take place every 30 minutes, to keep the kids entertained and to help them build developmental and motor skills.

Story Time: ClubKid has a variety of books that will capture the attention and entertain all ages

Circle Time: Our staff will lead the kids in circle time activities including but not limited to silly songs and games

Dance Party: Whether they are dancing to their own beat or playing freeze dance, your kids will have a blast listening to our collection of child friendly songs

Games: Examples of childcare games include but are not limited to parachute, talent show, Simon says, exercise squares, and duck duck goose. The game possibilities are endless! ClubKid staff will choose a developmentally appropriate game depending on the amount of ages of children present



CRAFT AREA: Our child sized tables and chairs provide the perfect setting for our Daily Crafts. Each day your child can paste, color, paint and create a unique craft. Don't forget to take your child's craft home with you!

CREATE AND LEARN: This activity held in the craft area helps children express their creative side while also learning through play. Examples of create and learn activities include but are not limited to Play Dough, puzzles, and stamping.

SNACK (and a movie): ClubKid offers the option of Goldfish Chedder Crackers, Rice Chex Cereal*, Regular Cheerios*, or Cheddar Bunnies** approximately every 2 hours. (A G-rated movie or show may be played during some snack times).

*Gluten Free


Please Note: NO outside food or drink is allowed in ClubKid except milk or water.

Please let the Check-In desk attendant know if your child has any allergies or screen time restrictions.

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