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KidFit registration is through The Studio Director portal. 

To register for/view a class go to:


The KidFit program is designed to bring the fun of fitness to your family. We offer classes to children ages 3 to 12 years old and who are currently on their parents’ membership account. Please refer to specific classes for age limitations. If your child is enrolled in a class that is too advanced for their skill level, then he/she will be removed from the class at the instructor’s discretion. Thank you for choosing ClubSport San Ramon as your destination for family activities!

*Guardian attendance is required on the first day of class to sign agreement slip.*

Student Absence: Please notify ClubSport San Ramon at [email protected] if your child will miss the first class. If your child misses the 1st class without notification or 3 classes, with or without notification, in total during the session, he/she will relinquish their place in that class. Non-progressive classes will remain open throughout the session until they are full. Guidelines: KidFit participants and Guardians are expected to follow ClubSport San Ramon’s Guidelines. Please be sure your child is dressed appropriately for each specific class. 

PLEASE NOTE: Parents, Legal Guardians and Club authorized non-use Nannies are required to remain on ClubSport San Ramon property while their child is in class. Any unattended children will be escorted to ClubKid by ClubSport personnel. Childcare attendants will safely check-in children and charge the family membership account $10 per 15 minute increment per child.


 Year Long Drop-in Kid Classes:

These classes are ongoing and complimentary to members with active family memberships. We appreciate your help in keeping this a fun and safe class environment by following the age guidelines.

KidGym: For children between 3-6 years old. 
Children use locomotor skills, tumble, play group games, sing songs, climb on an obstacle course, and play with manipulatives (balls, hoops, bean bags, etc.)

Classes Offered: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30-9:15am in the CSSR BASKETBALL GYM
 Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30-11:15am in the CSSR BASKETBALL GYM

Instructors: Racquel Forbes and Cecily Hansson




KidFit Summer Schedule

October 24th - December 16th 

Download Fall 2 Schedule Here

Monday Schedule:


All Star Sports

10:00-10:30am KerryGym4-5 yrs

 Obstacle Course and more

10:30-11:00amKerryGym3-5 yrs 


3:30-4:15pm Carrie & Cecily Studio 15-7 yrs 
 Gymnastics4:15-5:00pm Carrie & CecilyStudio 1 6-12 yrs 


Tuesday Schedule:



 Silly Sport2:45-3:30pmKim & SherrillStudio 23-6 yrs
Obstacle Course3:30-4:15pmMaddyStudio 17-12 yrs
Basketball3:30-4:15pmJoe & ZackGym5-7 yrs
Superhero Training


Kim & SherrillStudio 23-6 yrs
Basketball4:15-5:00pmJoe & ZackGym7-10 yrs


4:15-5:00Kim & SherrillStudio 16-12 yrs



Wednesday Schedule:



Tennis1:30-2:30pmTompkin TennisTennis Crt4-6 yrs
 Dodgeball2:15-3:00pmRacquel & CecilyRacquetball #46-12 yrs
Tennis2:30-3:30pmTompkin TennisTennis Crt7-12 yrs
 Soccer3:00-3:45PMRacquel & CecilyGym 5-7 yrs


3:30-4:15pm DelRacquetball Crt7-9 yrs
 Soccer3:45-4:30PMRacquel & Cecily   Gym6-12 yrs
 Racquetball4:15-5:00PMDelRacquetball Crt10-12yrs



Thursday Schedule



 Silly Sport

2:45-3:30pmCecily & SherrillStudio 23-6 yrs


3:30-4:15pmJoe & ZackGym7-9 yrs
K-POP ZUMBA3:30-4:15pmLoriStudio 16-10 yrs
Disney Silly Willy3:30-4:15pmCecily & SherrillStudio 23-6 yrs
Basketball4:15-5:00pmJoe & ZackGym8-12 yrs
Dodgeball4:15-5:00pmCecily & SherrillStudio 26-12 yrs


 Friday Schedule: No classes on Friday




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